With ACA compliance deadlines approaching, navigating health care options can be a difficult task for both employers and employees. You know you have to offer coverage that meets certain ACA requirements to avoid penalties in the new year, and you’re probably already getting up to speed on upcoming offerings. But what about your employees? Well, you can direct them to a reliable health care website to help them understand the process.

Offering resources to your employees will give them insight into why you might be making changes to an old plan, which will help them prepare to make decisions regarding their own health care. While you could spend time putting together an internal communications strategy on health coverage, it might be worthwhile to direct them to informative places online where they can learn about the most basic aspects of the issue.

Above all, when sharing a health care website with your employees, be sure that the site is reliable, accurate and informative. Here is a selection of health care websites that offer general — but very important — information that can help you guide your employees.

Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports provides a video and article that explain how to choose a health insurance plan based on three very common questions. This resource, while not specifically a health care website, is valuable for employees because it addresses important questions that many individuals have when thinking about their health care options.

Kaiser Family Foundation

This video will help employees understand the coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act without going into great detail. It’s a good resource because it explains all the necessary information regarding health care reform in easy-to-understand language and terms.

International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans

This nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing information regarding health care benefits, requirements and changes that will affect both your business and your employees. The section on health plan design details ACA requirements you must satisfy as an employer, as well as what is legally required of your employees.


In this article, Monster addresses how employees can evaluate health care options based on need and cost, which will help your workforce get better informed when making coverage decisions.

It’s so important that you and your employees are on the same page. While health care websites can assist in addressing many questions and concerns, consider contacting your broker, too. They can offer Q&A sessions to further address any questions your employees may have.

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