The Benefits of Flexible Working Hours

During this time when so many workers are forced to work at home, offering flexible working hours can be an important benefit both to your workers and for your business overall. Giving employees more flexibility in and control over their schedules means they’ll be more likely keep moving at their own pace. Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering implementing a flexible work policy.

Defining Flexible Working Hours

Typically, the following fall under the umbrella of flexible hours:

Compressed workdays or workweeks: These policies usually involve working longer for a given period of time and then having an extended period off, for example working four 10-hour days and having a three-day weekend.

Flexible daily hours: Some employers don’t specify a number of hours that employees need to be working at their home office. Instead, they offer leeway to employees who have family or medical commitments or plans to spend time among other commitments outside of work.

Benefits of Flexible Working Hours

Job placement service Workopolis found that job-seeker searches for the terms “work from home” and “remote” tripled over a three-year span. They also found that searches for “virtual positions” have doubled. With the future leaning toward employees seeking flexible schedules, it may be time to consider the options for your workforce.

There are many benefits of offering flexible working hours, including:

  • Better work-life balance for employees juggling many commitments

  • A decrease in employee burnout and, consequently, turnover

  • Increased productivity, since employees work when they’re most alert as opposed to predetermined times during the day

  • And letting employees loose from their desks gives them more convenience to pursue wellness goals and, more broadly, to get up and move around.

This article, originally published on The Benefits Guide March 23, 2018, has been updated to reflect the current circumstances faced by our audience during the ongoing COVID crisis.

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