Life Insurance – An Essential Step in Planning For Financial Wellness

Life insurance helps provide financial well-being by paying for funeral costs, help pay bills, and paying off outstanding…

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life insurance coverage

Americans Don’t Have the Life Insurance Coverage They Need Through Life Stages

A recent insurance industry survey found that almost half of all Americans don't have life insurance coverage1. The survey…

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voluntary health insurance

Understanding Voluntary Supplemental Health Plans

What to look for in Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity coverage There are classes of voluntary insurance…

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Disability Insurance – An Important Tool for Financial Wellness

Having an injury or illness that leads to needing even a short-term disability leave can be stressful for your employees.…

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How Pharmacy Benefits Support Employees’ Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Once a topic seldom discussed, employers are now recognizing the importance of…

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Dental Care Costs

Controlling Costs: Dental

When your employees have a healthy smile, they not only look great but they're more productive, too. After all, who can…

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When an employee is dealing with cancer in his or her life, we know you want to help

Helping Employees Work Through Cancer

Everyone is touched by cancer, whether they're fighting it themselves or they have a close friend or family member who has…

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Planning for retirement --it's not too soon

Planning for Retirement: How to Help Employees with Health Care

The American workforce is rapidly getting older. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 19.2 percent of workers were…

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Life Insurance for Milllenials?

Life Insurance for Milllenials?

Though the majority of millennials plan to marry, have a family and buy a home, a recent omnibus survey indicates they may…

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A group life insurance plan makes it easier and less expensive for your employees to buy life insurance.

Picking a Life Insurance Plan for Your Business

If you want to offer your employees another workplace benefit, consider group life insurance. These plans make it easier and…

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disease management programs

Disease Management Programs in Your Office

Your business is likely focused on something other than health, so why should you implement disease management programs in…

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use preventative benefits

3 Ways to Aid Migraine Treatments for Employees

If migraine treatments are covered in your company's health plan, employees who suffer from this debilitating headache will…

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