dental care

Focused On the Consumer: Dental Care 2018 Outlook

We've all heard and experienced that the only constant in life is change. Health care is no exception, and in line with the…

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Glaucoma in the Workplace – Ways to Promote Employee Eye Health

More than 3 million Americans live with glaucoma. Glaucoma is a leading cause of irreversible blindness in the United…

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Vision benefits for employees

Seeing Sense: Why Employers Should Integrate Vision Benefits

As an employer, you make hundreds of decisions every day—big and small. What you choose in each of these scenarios affects…

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Brushing Teeth gives you a Healthy Mouth

A Healthy Mouth for Overall Wellness

It's widely known that healthy mouth habits like tooth-brushing, flossing, using mouthwash and making regular visits to your…

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total solar eclipse

How the Total Solar Eclipse Will Impact Employee Eye Safety

You may know that a total solar eclipse is coming our way on Monday, August 21. This is very exciting! Especially since the…

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doctor working at office

Making the Most of Preventive Dental Services

Preventive dental services are used more than any other type of dental service and that's a good thing because preventive…

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Young man working

8 Steps to Avoid Eye Strain and Eye Fatigue

With more workers depending on computers and mobile devices to do their jobs, many professionals spend a substantial amount…

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A woman wearing glasses as she drinks from a mug.

Choosing a Vision Plan? These are the Key Features to Focus On

Eye doctors are a critical first line of defense for your employees when it comes to the early detection of chronic…

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Dental Insurance: Going Beyond Preventive Care

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is A recently conducted survey* found that only 50 percent of people surveyed visit their…

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Protecting Your Employees’ Vision: Best Sources for Eye Care

Providing employees with vision insurance can make routine screenings and care far more affordable according to online…

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The Advantages of Dental Coverage Through a Dental Network

Dental coverage is one of the most popular fringe benefits that you can give to your employees. The American Dental…

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Integrating Medical Plans With Dental, Vision and Disability Coverage

Historically, employers have offered medical plans separately from any dental, vision and disability coverage. They often…

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