Lowering the Risk of High Cholesterol

Lowering high cholesterol risks Almost everyone has heard of high cholesterol. And a lot of people think if they just…

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An employee gets a flu shot

Immunizations in the Workplace: 6 Things Employers Should Know

As an employer, you can make significant strides in improving your employees' overall health by educating them about the…

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mail-order pharmacy

How Do Mail-Order Pharmacies and Prescription Delivery Services Work?

A mail-order pharmacy's prescription delivery service can be a true benefit to your employees. But you may need to educate…

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Will Employers See a $1.5 Million Gene Therapy Cure?

It's in the news: Hemophilia may be in line for a multi-million dollar cure. Hemophilia is a rare but potentially life…

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How Pharmacy Benefits Support Employees’ Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Once a topic seldom discussed, employers are now recognizing the importance of…

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Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription Drug Abuse and the Opioid Crisis in the US

In October 2017, the current administration declared the opioid epidemic a public health crisis — and with good reason.…

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Pharmacy Trends

Demystifying New Pharmacy Trends

Growing pharmacy costs can be complicated and impact your bottom line. This short guide to pharmacy cuts through the…

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Heart disease

A Visual Guide to Employee Heart Health

Getting to the heart of employees' health risks. According to a national statistics report, a heart attack happens every 40…

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Your employees can save money by using generics versus brand-name drugs.

Managing Prescriptions: How Your Employees Can Save You Money

The cost of prescription drugs went up by 10.43 percent in 2015, according to Anthem. This is bad news since your employees…

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The State of Specialty Pharmacy

As the cost and complexity of specialty medications continue to rise, many large group employers continue to struggle with…

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Pharmacy & Prescription Benefits: An Insider’s Look

Prescription benefits are a complicated subject. Every employee has their own needs and brands they trust. With so many…

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Anthem’s Clinical Site of Care Review Program Makes Specialty Drugs More Convenient to Obtain

Specialty drugs can be expensive and it can take a while for employees to receive them. To cut down the stress and…

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