Health Insurance Enrollment Rates

Health Insurance Enrollment Rates: What to Do If Employees Just Aren’t Signing Up

Did health insurance enrollment rates drop at your company this year? If so, it's important to take active steps to improve…

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Explains common confusion with employer open enrollment

Common Group Open Enrollment Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Open enrollment season is here for many small businesses and it can be a whirlwind of frustration and confusion — and a…

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Explains how to plan a health benefits fair for your employees

Planning a Benefits Fair: What Employers Need to Know

When providing information to employees about your health care benefits, planning a benefits fair may seem like an…

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Understanding open enrollment by state

Understanding Open Enrollment by Region

The end of the calendar year is typically the time when health plans are subject to open enrollment periods. This year, open…

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Explains how to engage employees during open enrollment

4 Ways to Keep Employees Engaged During Open Enrollment

You've emailed your employees 37 times and put a sign up in the break room, but they still seem to miss open enrollment…

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Using a Cheat Sheet During Open Enrollment

Using an Open Enrollment Cheat Sheet: Identifying Your Best Options

Creating an open enrollment cheat sheet can help employees prepare for their health care enrollment period. Understanding…

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Making open enrollment work for your business

5 Ways to Approach Open Enrollment Correctly

Your employees can only change their health insurance once a year during the open enrollment period, unless they have a…

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5 Tips for Navigating Open Enrollment

Open enrollment is an incredibly important time of year for both you and your employees. This is a chance to put together…

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COBRA Coverage: What Happens When an Employee Loses Outside Coverage

Not every employee at your company has health insurance through your plan. Many employees may be on their spouse's or even,…

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