dental care

Focused On the Consumer: Dental Care 2018 Outlook

We've all heard and experienced that the only constant in life is change. Health care is no exception, and in line with the…

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What is Integrated Health Care?

Integrated Health Care (IHC) is an employee benefits strategy that connects pharmacy, dental, vision and disability data to…

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Vision benefits for employees

Seeing Sense: Why Employers Should Integrate Vision Benefits

As an employer, you make hundreds of decisions every day—big and small. What you choose in each of these scenarios affects…

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Two Models of Integrated Health Care

Understanding Integrated Health Care Models

Integrated health care (IHC) is a growing employee benefits strategy and an approach to health care that connects pharmacy,…

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Women working

Your Company’s Integrated Health Care Model: Tracking the Successful Metrics

In past blog articles, we talked about how to find the right integrated health care program and implementing an integrated…

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apple and stethoscope

Integrated Health and Diabetes

Poor health can show signs anywhere in the body, which makes integrated health a better option for doctors and care…

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Implementing an Integrated Health Care Model at Your Company

It's important for a company to evaluate if an integrated health care model is right for their organization. There are three…

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Integrated Health Care Programs: Finding the Right One

Employers who are considering an integrated health care program typically go through three stages during their search:…

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Using an Integrated Health Care Model to Meet Business Goals and Improve Health Care Outcomes

You probably won't be surprised to hear that the top goal of employers using an integrated health care structure is cost…

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Why Integrated Benefits Could Be the Right Approach for Your Company’s Health Plan

When it comes to staying healthy, it takes more than just seeing the doctor. Dental, vision and disability management are…

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Who’s Using an Integrated Health Care Model?

The concept of integrated health care is becoming increasinly important to employers. What can we learn from its early…

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Integrated Health Care: The Early Adopters

To learn more about employer attitudes, perceptions and experiences related to integrated health care, Anthem, Inc.…

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