Small business employees have affordable choices

Small Business Benefit Offerings Compete With the Big Boys

Small business benefit offerings are in-line with all employers, according to a survey from United Benefit Advisors. While…

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You should survey your employee to figure out their health plan preferences. Then, separate them into must-haves and nice-to-haves.

3 Health Plan Exercises to Find Your Best Option

Picking your company's next health plan is one of the most important benefit decisions you'll make every year. It's also a…

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Are Your Employees Satisfied With Their Health Plan Options?

Employee Satisfaction With Health Plan Options: Is Your Workforce Happy?

Often, employers feel that simply offering health care coverage is enough, many tend to neglect gauging employee…

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Man shakes female employer's hand

Navigating Health Care for Part-time Employees

Are you legally required to provide health care for part-time employees? In the eyes of the federal government, a full-time…

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Staying health is critical for good parenting.

New Parents Need a Solid Plan for New Challenges

For new parents, bringing home a new baby means facing a series of new challenges. As the employer of these parents, you…

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Employees work out after work.

Health Care Coverage for Blue-collar vs. White-collar Employees

Health care coverage works best when it meets the unique needs of your staff. Not only do you want to cover commonly…

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When you plan company health insurance, you need to balance finding a plan everyone likes along with controlling costs.

Understanding Health Care: Tips for New C-suite Executives

As people move into C-suite positions, they take on new responsibilities, such as managing the company's health insurance…

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How Health Coverage Changes as Your Company Grows

How Health Coverage Changes as Your Company Grows

Health coverage is a difficult and expensive part of any business. You can't attract good employees without good health…

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How to Find a Doctor

How to Find a Doctor in Your Provider Network

Helping your employees find a doctor isn't a daunting task with the advent of technology. However, the tools available can…

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individual or group health plans

Starting a Group Health Plan: A Guide for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you may not have much experience with group health plan options in your workplace. As your…

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Is It Time to Update Your Company’s Health Plan?

It's no secret that updating your company's health plan can be exhaustive and time-consuming. How do you even know if it…

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A business owner compares plans with his new insurance broker.

5 Questions to Ask Your Broker to Find the Right Plan

An insurance broker's job is to help your company find the right health insurance plan. They can be a valuable source of…

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