LGBTQ Health

LGBTQ Health and the Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

If your business wants the benefits of diversity in the workplace, LGBTQ health care is essential. According to the Center…

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Answering Health Care Questions

Answering Health Care Questions: 6 Common Concerns

Answering health care questions posed by employees can be stressful, especially when they're unexpected. That's why it's…

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health plan premiums

The Benefits of Salary-Based Health Plan Premiums

Employer-sponsored health plan premiums are the most common form of coverage in the United States. CNBC website confirms…

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health insurance for older workers

Supporting the Health Care Needs of Mature Workers

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of workers over age 55 will grow at a rate 5.5…

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Transgender Health Care

Transgender Health Care: What Employers Need to Know

As an employer, you may be concerned about providing health care to your transgender employees. There are laws requiring…

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health insurance exchange

Small Business Health Insurance: Is Off-Exchange Right for You?

Using the health insurance exchange isn't quite as confusing as it may sound. If you're a small business owner providing…

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When you're communicating about health care to your multilingual workforce, it's important to first understand the challenges non-native English speakers face.

How to Communicate Health Care to a Multilingual Workforce

When you're communicating about health care to your multilingual workforce, it's important to first understand the…

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A group life insurance plan makes it easier and less expensive for your employees to buy life insurance.

Health Care For Your Company: Building the Right Plan and Sharing It With Your Employees

As an employer, you not only need to find a health plan that meets your employees' needs, but you need to figure out a way…

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Under self-funding health care, your business collects employee premiums and uses that money to pay for medical bills.

Self-Funding Health Care: How Should Business Owners Approach It?

Self-funding health care plans have typically only been used by large organizations. However, small and medium-sized…

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Health insurance is a critical benefit for many employees.

Offering Health Insurance to Your Employees While Growing

As your business grows, offering health insurance will become an important factor in building a successful workforce. If…

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Using a Cheat Sheet During Open Enrollment

Using an Open Enrollment Cheat Sheet: Identifying Your Best Options

Creating an open enrollment cheat sheet can help employees prepare for their health care enrollment period. Understanding…

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Healthy employee at work

Providing Health Care Coverage: Tips for Small Businesses

Providing health care coverage is vital for a small business. Good coverage can not only attract and keep quality talent,…

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