Are Health Insurance Premiums Tax Deductible? Answering Common Questions About Your Employees’ Premiums

While health care costs take many different shapes, your employees probably associate them most closely with the premiums…

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Difficulty understanding medication doses and interactions is one risk of low health literacy.

Improving Health Literacy to Boost Employee Wellness

When most of us buy a new smartphone or laptop, we don't sit down and read the manual. We figure it out as we go. But that's…

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Are You Ready to Leverage the Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)?

You need employees to run your business, but hiring them isn't easy or cheap. The Society for Human Resource Management…

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Managing Health Care in Multiple Offices

While many small businesses are concentrated in one location, some operate out of multiple offices or workplaces. You may…

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Knowing Your Health Care Options: The Importance of an Annual Review

In the past, the process of assessing a company's health care options was a once-a-year endeavor for many businesses.…

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Becoming Your Own Health Plan Finder

Every business wants to improve its bottom line and maintain a competitive edge. Offering generous compensation packages is…

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Your Company’s Health Plan Decision

Choosing a health care plan that matches the needs of your business is a big decision, but many companies spend no more than…

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Health Care Plan Protocol: What Happens When Employees Need to Add a New Member?

The open-enrollment period comes around just once a year. If your company offers an ACA-compliant health plan, employees…

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Managing Health Care Costs: 5 Best Practices

Skyrocketing health care costs are in the news every night, and for business owners below the enterprise level, it might…

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Choosing the Right Health Plan Options

Choosing the right health plan options for your office can be a daunting task. There are plenty of features to include in…

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Health Insurance Providers: Collaboration Makes a Big Difference

Too many employers regard their health insurance providers as typical vendors, viewing them in the same light as the company…

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Moving to ACA Plans: 5 Key Steps Before You Talk to Your Employees

Because regulations change over time, employers should frequently review their health care plans to ensure they comply with…

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