An employee rubs her temples at her desk as she deals with the effects of workplace stress.

Mitigating Workplace Stress During Times of Company Change

Workplace stress can be a challenge at any organization, but it really comes in full force when companies introduce change…

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As you develop your employee financial wellness programs, try to present your employees with the information that will benefit them the most.

Do Your Employees Need Financial Wellness Support?

Is stress taking a toll on your employees? While many sources of worry are beyond your control, you can help your employees…

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Some well-known companies including Google, Uber and the Huffington Post have started allowing napping at work.

Sleeping on the Job: Why Letting Employees Nap at Work Boosts Health and Productivity

Who has time to get a full night's sleep? Not the average American worker. A recent study broke down sleep shortages among…

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Breaks at Work

Are Your Employees Taking Lunch Breaks? Here’s Why They Should

The harder your employees work, the better, right? Not quite. Breaks at work, from regular lunch hours to informal…

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Setting Goals at Work

Why Your Employees Should Set Goals (And How You Can Help)

For many employees, both work and home are fast-paced environments that require meeting deadlines by multitasking and…

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Optimizing Employee Productivity: 3 Strategies to Consider

You know that employee productivity is key to the success of your business. But are you doing everything you can to create a…

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Balancing Summer Vacation and Employee Productivity

With the approach of warm weather, employees often find themselves needing to readjust their work-life balance, especially…

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6 Ways to Reinvent Mondays at Your Office

Does it seem like your employees are struggling to get going as they return to the workplace every Monday? We've all fought…

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Are Your Employees Always Working? Why Modern Technology Is a Double-Edged Sword

Modern technology is both a blessing and a curse for today's workforce. Thanks to the prevalence and accessibility of the…

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Choosing the Right Office Design for Optimum Employee Productivity and Well-Being

When considering best practices for facilitating employee productivity, office design may not be a top priority for…

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Maintaining Employee Productivity during the Winter Blues

Do you notice a dip in productivity as the new year begins? For many companies, the first quarter is a time for implementing…

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Preventing Work Burnout: How to Help Your Employees Stay Productive

Longer hours and heavy workloads are the norm in today's business climate, and as a result, many employees face work…

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