Two women embrace next to a dining room table laden with breakfast food.

Should Your Business Offer Domestic Partner Health Insurance?

Not long ago, offering domestic partnership health benefits was a way for employers to equalize benefits for employees in…

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Cost of Childbirth

Controlling Costs: Pregnancy and Childbirth

Do you know the cost of childbirth in the United States? Time's Money magazine reports that the average hospital cost of…

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Insurance for Dependents

How Can Your Employees Use Their Benefits to Support Dependents?

When your employees evaluate your workplace benefits, they aren't just thinking about themselves. They also care about how…

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Teen Mental Health

Are Teen Mental Health Issues Taking a Toll on Your Employees?

Mental health issues are a growing concern for people across the country. From 2006 to 2013, one in eight emergency room…

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Children enjoying the summer

Child Health Care: How to Help Parents During the Summer

When it comes to child health care, you can be your employees' biggest advocate, helping them keep their children safe and…

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Children's Health Care

Controlling Costs: Children’s Health Care

In 2013, children's health care spending amounted to $233.5 billion, according to JAMA Pediatrics. As an employer, you…

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family-friendly workplace

Practical Ways You Can Promote Family-Friendly Workplace Culture

More and more employers today strive to build a family-friendly workplace culture in order to help employees with children…

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Pregnancy Benefits

Pregnancy Benefits: What Does Your Maternity Insurance Cover?

What type of pregnancy benefits should your business offer? To know how to answer this question, it's crucial to keep up…

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Insurance for Newborns

Insurance for Newborns and Growing Families

Having a baby changes everything. No, really it does. Even how employees use health insurance. Your organization can take…

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CHIP Update

What Is Happening to the Children’s Health Insurance Program?

The Children's Health Insurance Program — otherwise known as CHIP — provides comprehensive health benefits to uninsured…

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Moving off Your Parents' Health Plan

How to Prepare Employees for Moving Off Their Parents’ Health Plan

When a person turns 16 years old, they get to drive. When 21 comes around, they can drink legally. Additionally, when they…

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Staying health is critical for good parenting.

New Parents Need a Solid Plan for New Challenges

For new parents, bringing home a new baby means facing a series of new challenges. As the employer of these parents, you…

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