data in health care

Data in Health Care Can Bring Savings Opportunities

Data in health care is fundamental in improving the quality of care and its daily operations. Today, the health care…

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Health plan options for your employees

Beyond the Numbers: What’s Really Important in Your Company’s Health Plan

As a small business owner, analyzing your health plan options may seem like a daunting task. Often, insurance brokers will…

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Patient data reduces health care costs

How Predictive Analytics Can Positively Impact Health Care

Predictive analytics in health care can dramatically reduce costs by streamlining patient treatment, reducing waste and…

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Man receives instructions from health care worker.

How Sorting Through Health Care Data Saves on Cost

Health care data solves problems by helping companies of all sizes make decisions like choosing the best health care plan…

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Women working

Your Company’s Integrated Health Care Model: Tracking the Successful Metrics

In past blog articles, we talked about how to find the right integrated health care program and implementing an integrated…

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Business owners can control many health care costs by tracking usage.

Tracking Employee Health Plan Usage

As an employer, you should track how your staff uses the employee health plan. This helps you maximize its effectiveness in…

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Health Plan Tools to Help You Make the Right Decision

Deciding on the right health plan for your employees can be a difficult task. As an employer, you need to balance your…

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Using Big Data Analysis to Improve Your Company’s Wellness Program

As an employer, you want to encourage good health and lower costs for your employees through the use of a wellness program,…

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