benefits of CDHPs

Cost-effective Benefits of CDHPs for Small Businesses

The cost benefits of CDHPs are one of the reasons for their increase in popularity among employers. According to a study…

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CDHP - the right insurance for you?

Why a CDHP Could Be Perfect for Employees

The cost of health insurance continues to rise. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), the yearly average cost of…

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CDHPs reward patients for finding more cost-effective treatment options.

How Do Consumer Driven Health Plans Compare to Traditional Insurance?

As health care costs continue to rise, Americans are looking for alternatives to traditional insurance. Consumer driven…

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How a CDHP Helps Your Employees Make Healthier Decisions and Improves Your Bottom Line

Consumer-directed health plans, or CDHPs, make a surprisingly big difference in improving your employees’ health, thus…

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Navigating the CDHP: Helping Your Employees Understand Consumer-Driven Health Plans

Your company may implement a consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) in order to save on health care costs and give your…

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How a CDHP Can Keep Your Employees Healthy While Saving Your Budget

A consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) helps you ensure that your business's money and your employees' dollars are well-spent.…

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Health Insurance Plans for Your Business: Four Reasons to Choose a CDHP

A consumer-driven health plan (CDHP) is one of the most popular types of health insurance plans. In this plan, consumers…

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Health Plans to Consider for Your Business

With the passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), many employers are working to ensure that their health plans meet the…

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