A doctor and patient meeting to discuss medical results on a clipboard.

An Employer’s Guide to Value-Based Care

For generations, health care has been offered on a fee-for-service basis – meaning for every MRI, blood test or flu shot,…

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4 Health Care Trends to Watch

Health care is constantly evolving and innovating — a fact that can either overwhelm or energize large group decision…

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Doctor manipulating data

The Power of Data in Transforming Care Delivery and Network Performance

When you make an important business decision, you are most likely basing that decision on data: sales, ROI, depreciation,…

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Value-Based Care eBook

Read our new eBook to better understand value-based care and its future impact on…

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Value-Based Care

These stats will show you how value-based care reduces costs and improves patient…

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Group of doctors representing high-performance network

Defining High-Performance Networks

If you were hiring a new employee, how would you identify a high-performing candidate during the interview process? Would…

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Evolving Networks

What network solution or combination of solutions is right for your business? Use this guide to gain a high-level…

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Happy patient with doctor

Understanding Price vs. Value in Health Care

As with any big decision or large investment you make, one critical component should be understanding the difference between…

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How Can We Fix America’s Broken Health Care System?

The fee-for-service method of paying physicians has driven up health care costs in this country for many years, according…

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How an ACO Can Change Health Care for Employers

An Accountable Care Organization, or ACO, is a group of health care professionals who work as a team to coordinate care for…

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Narrow Formularies and How They Can Be Used to Control Your Health Insurance Costs

Narrow formularies, or drug lists that limit what prescriptions are covered under a pharmacy plan, are a hot topic in…

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This New Health Care Pricing Model Saves Your Company Money Without Distancing Workers

To save costs on health care, employers have often looked to traditional cost-sharing ideas, such as asking employees to pay…

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