Mary E. Parsons

Spice Up Your Health Care Talks for Better Employee Buy-in

Health care talks are important, but they can be overwhelming. According to The Balance, it’s important to impart information in a way that covers all the main points without confusing the listeners.

A survey conducted by PwC indicated that many employers are attempting to lower costs by offering more health plan choices or making changes in the existing plans. Presenting new options or changes in existing plans can be daunting, but investing time in the content of your health care talks can make the experience easier for all involved.


Set up a meeting with your benefits provider and gather information that accurately reflects the health care plans you’re presenting to your employees. Ask for utilization figures so you can understand the type of services being used by your employees. Tailor your presentation to your company and deliver the information in clear, concise terms. It’s important that your employees feel you understand their health care needs and address their concerns to the best of your abilities.

Written material

Give your employees written material before the meeting. Consider including a brief survey to find out what your employees consider important in their health care benefits. The results may be surprising, and the information may be useful in organizing your presentation.


Set aside enough time to answer questions, suggested The Balance. If possible, have a representative from your health care provider present to address questions and concerns. If your audience is reluctant to ask questions, have some ready to start the conversation. Also, give your employees the option of writing down their questions or scheduling a private time to talk about their questions.

Your health care talks should be informative and your employees should leave feeling that they understand their benefits. Take time to brighten up your presentation so everyone can benefit from your talking points.

Mary Parsons is retired from a 30-year career in the insurance industry. She worked in the claims department of a major insurance carrier as a claims adjuster, manager and a member of a catastrophe team. Since her retirement, she has developed a career as a freelance writer. As an insurance professional, she has been a contributor to several insurance websites.