In today’s fast-paced news/media environment, social media influencers can help their audiences keep on top of what’s going on within a specific area of interest. The best among these pundits translate complicated issues into simple, punchy and accurate prose while sharing a wry sense of humor and their own unique perspectives. Influencers typically have a blog in which they go into depth on a variety of topics, as well as a Twitter feed where they can share quick thoughts on what’s happening.

The complex health care landscape is a perfect example of an area undergoing constant change that often requires simpler explanations of goings-on that can get quite technical and convoluted. As a small business leader who wants to keep abreast of any prevalent issues that might affect health care for your workforce, you want quick access to this sort of information, as well as thoughts and opinions that might change the way you view things.

Here are seven of the top social media influencers that your small business should be following:

  1. KevinMD is a primary-care physician who curates posts from up-and-coming writers, as well as old-timers, to provide a physician-centric view.
  2. For the patient side of the equation, you’ll want to follow e-Patient Dave deBronkart, a tech-savvy patient advocate who came into his own during his successful battle with kidney cancer.
  3. The blog at provides timely and authoritative information on health care coverage topics for small businesses and individuals.
  4. Mandi Bishop is a self-described firebrand, a relative newcomer who is “disrupting health care 140 characters at a time.”
  5. Over at The Health Care Blog, industry veteran Matthew Holt attracts the best and brightest to discuss health care policy, coverage, technology and patients.
  6. HealthBlawg’s David Harlow is a health care lawyer (get the name now?) and one of the longest-standing social media influencers in this space. He’s always pushing the envelope, both with his ideas and the tools he uses to express them.
  7. Jordan Rau is a senior correspondent at Kaiser Health News, where he pursues in-depth stories on commercial and governmental health insurance, cost, quality and public health.

These are just a few of the many valuable social voices in the health care space. A good way to find more is to look at who these influencers follow on Twitter and who else appears on the same Twitter lists or blog rolls.

Social media influencers are surprisingly accessible and responsive. Have an opinion on something they wrote? Leave a comment on their blog post, and you can expect a reply. For a private communication, reach out via their blog’s contact form, or mention them on Twitter.

David E. Williams is president of Health Business Group, a strategy consulting firm serving clients in technology-enabled health care services, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices and software. He is frequently quoted in the media on the business of health care and is the author of the Health Business Blog. David sits on the board of both private health care companies and nonprofits.