You are focused on making sure the company’s health benefits budget is spent wisely and are therefore interested in cost-effective benefits solutions combined with smart online tools to help your employees make wise spending decisions. You’re willing to change — but only if that change helps the bottom line. As a CDHP ready Planner, check out this content:

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CDHP - the right insurance for you?
Why a CDHP Could Be Perfect for Employees
The cost of health insurance continues to rise. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF), the yearly average cost of a family health insurance plan was $18,142 — 3 percent higher than 2015...
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CDHPs reward patients for finding more cost-effective treatment options.
How Do Consumer Driven Health Plans Compare to Traditional Insurance?
As health care costs continue to rise, Americans are looking for alternatives to traditional insurance. Consumer driven health plans (CDHPs) have been on the rise...
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