New IHC findings show majority of U.S. employers are integrating or considering integrating benefits

An integrated employee benefits approach, also called Integrated Health Care or IHC, may help your business improve employee health and productivity, while reducing health care costs.

IHC is an employee benefits strategy where, a single insurance carrier offering multiple insurance products can use claims and history data across the products to connect the dots between the types of care that members receive: medical, pharmacy, dental, vision, disability, behavioral health, absence management and supplemental health. This gives doctors and other health care providers a more holistic profile of patient health — and leads to better care, better outcomes and lower costs. It’s built on the premise that health care works better when it works together.

A new industry research report – Integrated Health Care Report, Edition 3 – shows how employers are using integrated benefits across the country.

Employers’ attitudes and choices are influenced by company size.

  • Active movement to integration — 75% of National employers and 68% of Large Group employers are actively integrating or considering integration vs. 60% of Small Group employers.
  • Competitive drive to integrate — Among employers actively integrating or considering integration, 82% of National and 86% of Large Group say IHC is needed to compete with other employers vs. 65% of Small Group.
  • Importance of the ability to report outcomes as a measure of success — 93% of National and 98% of Large Group put greater importance on reporting outcomes vs. 87% of Small Group.
  • Measurement of success by member engagement — 63% of National and 49% of Large Group consider member engagement higher than other criteria vs. 37% of Small Group.
  • Challenge of notifying and educating employees in the implementation process — 44% of Small Group find it challenging vs. 21% of National and 31% of Large Group.

Download the report today for an interesting look at how other employers are using their insurance benefits. For more information on IHC, reach out to your broker, benefits consultant or insurance company representative. More information can also be found at

Jason Kinzy is a marketing manager at Anthem, Inc. and is responsible for the promotion of Anthem’s specialty business (dental, vision, voluntary, life and disability plans) to members, employers and brokers. He has 20 years of health care marketing communications experience.

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