Health care is an increasingly popular topic on social media. Although posts by doctors, policy experts and patient advocates don’t reach as wide of an audience as cat videos, they’re still worth paying attention to. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the top people in health social media, with links to their Twitter feeds.


This group of leading physicians highlight trends from a practitioner’s perspective. They discuss health-related news as well as new treatments and findings.

  • Dr. Sanjay Gupta (@drsanjaygupta) is a neurosurgeon in Atlanta and CNN’s chief medical correspondent.
  • Dr. Steven Eisenberg (@drseisenberg) is an oncologist and self-described “cancer hater” who is famous for his musical approach to patient care.
  • Dr. Val Jones (@drval) is a physician and founder of Better Health, a network of blogs by doctors and other health professionals.
  • Dr. Jay Parkinson (@jayparkinson) is a primary-care doctor in New York City and founder of Hello Health. He now works at Sherpaa, a virtual health center that he co-founded. Some refer to him as “the doctor of the future.”
  • Dr. Kevin Pho (@kevinmd) is a primary-care physician in New Hampshire and the consummate curator of useful physician-based content.

Policy Influencers

This group is focused on health technology and policy, including health IT, HIPAA, the ACA, and other policies.

  • Brian Ahier (@ahier) is a health care technology and policy expert.
  • Matthew Holt (@boltyboy) writes The Health Care Blog and runs the Health 2.0 conference.
  • David Harlow (@healthblawg) combines knowledge of the general law and health policy.
  • Shahid Shah (@shahidnshah) is an expert on health information technology.


This group discusses the health field through the lens of their personal battles. They offer perspectives on care, advocate for patients’ rights and discuss navigating the health-care system.

  • Amy Tenderich‘s (@amydbmine) DiabetesMine blog is a key resource for those with diabetes
  • Manny Hernandez (@askmanny) is a diabetes patient and president of the Diabetes Hands Foundation
  • Donna Cryer (@dcpatient) is a liver transplant recipient and CEO of the Global Liver Institute
  • Dave deBronkart (@epatientdave) is a cancer survivor and author of “Let Patients Help: A Patient Engagement Handbook.”
  • Alicia Staley (@stales) is a three-time cancer survivor, eternal optimist, a great advocate for patients and the CEO of Akari Health.

Have a look at these Twitter pages along with the authors’ blogs. Along with finding out what they have to say about trends in the health space, you may be able to engage in a dialogue with them about where you think the industry is headed.

David E. Williams is president of Health Business Group, a strategy consulting firm serving clients in technology-enabled health care services, pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical devices and software. He is frequently quoted in the media on the business of health care and is the author of the Health Business Blog. David sits on the board of both private health care companies and nonprofits.