Dylan Murray

Losing Weight: Help Employees Get Fit Around the Office

Your employees may be interested in losing weight but might not have the time to work out five times per week. While some might have the option of biking, running and walking to work, others may not live close enough to the office. As an employer with a vested interest in the health of your employees, you can make minor adjustments to the office to add fun and effective at-work fitness options.

Make It Easy

Add basic fitness equipment to your office supplies. Start by adding a jump rope. According to Shape Magazine, jumping rope is an excellent way to burn calories. Also add some weights or fitness bands, as they take up nearly no space but can dramatically improve overall fitness when used correctly. Provide expert advice in the company newsletter about losing weight through exercise with this kind of sports equipment.

Make Some Space

Your employees likely need a quiet, private place to exercise. For those hoping to exercise during lunch, reach out to your building manager; there might be an empty room elsewhere on the property you can use as a short-term fitness studio. During the warm months, provide your employees with a map of the area pointing out outdoor spaces where they can exercise. Some of your employees might want to exercise early in the day or late at night when no one else is at the office, so create a policy that allows them to use an empty conference room inside your own office suite.

Make It Fun

FitDay.com explained that dancing can be a great way to get the blood pumping for losing weight. Create a space inside the office and bring in a dance-fitness instructor for a weekly workout. Working out at the office one day per week not only helps your employees add fitness into their schedules, it also teaches them a fitness routine they can repeat at home. A wellness program will help everyone track their progress. Encourage participation and celebrate those who take advantage of the weight loss and fitness options you provide.

Losing weight comes from time-consuming exercise. Your employees are spending the majority of their time working for you. In return, find some innovative ways for them to increase physical fitness and decrease body mass at the workplace. You will be building a stronger, happier workforce.

Dylan Murray has an MBA from San Diego State University and a bachelor’s degree in communication from Boston University. He is a licensed insurance agent in California, but he works as a professional researcher and writer reporting on business trends in estate law, insurance and private security. Dylan has worked as a script analyst with the Sundance Institute and the Scriptwriters Network in Los Angeles. He lives in San Diego, California, and Marseille, France.