Life insurance can be a key element of an employee’s financial wellness

Life insurance is more than just writing a check. It helps safeguard beneficiaries against some of the most common family expenses. While every life insurance plan is different, below are just a few examples of the value life insurance can bring to your employees and their loved ones:

  • Peace of mind: Life insurance can give loved ones time to grieve with the knowledge that their family member took the necessary steps to plan for their financial wellness and helped protect their future.

  • Income replacement for lost salary: Life insurance can provide a family with funds they need for ongoing living expenses, such as groceries and utilities.

  • Providing for future generations: Life insurance can help keep families in their homes by paying off mortgages, help children plan for higher education, and provide a legacy for grandchildren.

Share this helpful infographic with employees. For more information, contact your broker or insurance carrier representative with questions about life insurance coverage.

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