Dylan Murray

Are You Leveraging Online Health Tools in Your Workplace?

Online health tools are a valuable resource for your employees. These options help them track wellness, facilitate communication with health providers and stay informed about health trends relevant to their lives. Because so many people rely on the internet for everything from earning money to shopping for groceries, web-based tools for health-related issues are a natural and easy choice for employers.

Start With Wellness

Wellness programs are essential for maintaining a healthy workplace. When your employees can monitor their diets and exercise habits, you’ll see decreased sick time and improved work productivity. There are several, large online companies dedicated to helping subscribers track diets and exercise routines.

According to Forbes, personal fitness trackers integrate with smartphone tracking tools, so your employees have a seamless stream of information about their daily health. Purchase a group subscription so everyone can track their lifestyle habits. And if you really want to encourage wellness, buy everyone a personal fitness device.

Investigate Health Provider Services

Most health providers have online health tools that allow patients to easily manage their personal health care. According to a study by tech firm CDW, patient use of health provider portals was projected to grow significantly this year, increasing to 74 percent from last year’s 45 percent. These portals provide easy access to personal health information and tools in a safe environment, such as booking appointments and communicating with a doctor.

Every health provider has its own system, so coordinate your efforts as an employer with the provider offered in your health plans.

Encourage Ongoing Education

Online health tools are a valuable resource, but misuse can be dangerous. Encourage your employees to use well-established online tools to learn more about their personal health concerns. In addition, use an in-house email blast to disseminate information to everyone about health and wellness issues, such as annual flu shots and preventive care screenings.

You can leverage their interactive qualities to encourage your employees to be more proactive about their personal health care with online health tools. However, be careful to use well-vetted tools from reputable companies. By using the right options, you’ll find a highly engaged staff eager to learn about maintaining a healthy home and work environment.

Dylan Murray has an MBA from San Diego State University and a bachelor’s degree in communication from Boston University. He’s a licensed insurance agent in California, but he works as a professional researcher and writer reporting on business trends in estate law, insurance and private security. Dylan has worked as a script analyst with the Sundance Institute and the Scriptwriters Network in Los Angeles. He lives in San Diego, California, and Marseille, France.

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