In 2018, medical, dental and vision ranked as the top three most popular benefits elections by employees

Offering dental and vision benefits can help increase employee retention. According to a Transitions Optical survey of employers and employees1 in 2018, medical, dental and vision benefits ranked as the top three popular benefits elections.

Another 2018 industry survey conducted by Anthem, Inc. examined how adding ancillary benefits impacted job satisfaction — like vision, dental, disability, life insurance, etc. It found that employees consider dental coverage (73 percent of respondents) and vision coverage (62 percent of respondents) benefits as “must haves” when evaluating job offers.2

Dental and vision benefits remain the top two voluntary benefits in terms of employee enrollment; 86 percent of employees reported that they are enrolled in dental plans and 76 percent are enrolled in vision plans. In addition, employee job satisfaction increased by 5 percent for each added ancillary benefit.2

Integration of benefits with medical coverage can also serve keeping employees healthy in the long run. Through benefit strategies such as Integrated Health Care, a single insurance carrier offering multiple insurance products can use claims and history data across all the products to connect the dots between the types of care that members receive. This gives doctors and other health care providers a more complete view of patient health.

For more information on integration of benefits, reach out to your broker, benefits consultant or insurance company representative. More information can also be found at

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  2. 2018 Anthem, Inc. consumer survey

Jason Kinzy is a marketing manager at Anthem, Inc. and is responsible for the promotion of Anthem’s specialty business (dental, vision, voluntary, life and disability plans) to members, employers and brokers. He has 20 years of health care marketing communications experience.

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