How to stay active when working at home

As we continue to go through difficult times, many offices have closed and more people are working from home. Gyms and fitness centers have also closed, leaving people fewer options to keep in shape. Thankfully, there are several simple ways you and your employees can exercise at home to stay fit and healthy.

Schedule time to exercise

Making exercise a part of your daily routine makes it more likely to happen. Whether you plan a morning jog or yoga in the afternoon, scheduling a workout ahead of time will help you stay on track.

Move every hour

Sitting too much can raise your risk of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. If you or your employees are working in front of a computer most of the day, take a few minutes every hour to move your body. Set a timer on your phone or smartwatch as a reminder. You can walk up and down the stairs, march in place, try some desk push-ups or hold a yoga pose.

Stand or walk while you work

To improve blood circulation, many people are using standing desks so they can move their legs while they work. Even without a standing desk, you can make it a habit to stand up, stretch your legs or walk around during phone calls. When you need a quick break, go for a walk outside or on a treadmill.

Take a fitness class online

Online fitness classes have become popular now that so many people are working from home. All different types of exercise classes are available online, on mobile apps and through social media live streaming. Gyms and fitness centers may have closed their doors, but many are still holding classes this way.

Turn household items into equipment

Even if you do not have gym equipment in your home, there are simple household items that can substitute. Milk jugs and laundry detergent bottles work great as weights, running up and down stairs can raise your heart rate and a chair can be a good prop for doing squats or leg raises.

During this challenging time, keeping active is as important as ever. Exercise is a great way to help boost mental health. Creating an exercise habit can lower stress and improve sleep, so you and your employees can stay positive and productive.


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