Helping Employees Work Through Cancer

Everyone is touched by cancer, whether they’re fighting it themselves or they have a close friend or family member who has suffered. It can be hard to know how to help people dealing with cancer. Our new site Stronger Together helps employers by providing resources you can share with employees who have been diagnosed or who are caring for someone with cancer.

There’s information for patients, survivors, caregivers and providers that can help during all phases of cancer – from diagnosis to survivorship, and everything in between. Websites, tools, apps, and more are organized by audience so it’s easy to determine the tools that are best for you. This website can be a helpful starting point for anyone who is dealing with cancer since all the resources have been collected in one spot.

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Here are some highlights of what’s included:

  • Let’s Talk Treatment Options- an interactive web tool that facilitates shared decision-making
  • Prepare for Your Care- a website that helps patient prepare for treatment
  • Self-Care During Cancer Treatment – a mobile app that helps people in active treatment self-manage their symptoms
  • My Care Plan – cancer care planning mobile app for survivors
  • Case Management – licensed health professionals (like a nurse, dietitian or behavioral health professional) who offers support, education and resources from diagnosis through treatment and recovery
  • Help For Cancer Caregivers- an interactive web tool that helps caregivers support their own self-care and emotional wellbeing
  • Workplace Transitions for People Touched by Cancer- an online toolkit to help managers deal with cancer in the workplace and support employees’ well-being
  • Take Action for Health- an interactive web tool for African Americans that encourages health screenings, addresses barriers and provides information on healthcare services in the community
  • Journey Forward – a suite of digital tools created to improve the health and well-being of cancer survivors, including the Cancer Care Plan Builder provider software
  • Cancer Care Quality Program – this provider program helps drive access to quality services and affordable choices for cancer care

When an employee is dealing with cancer in his or her life, we know you want to help. Remember the new Stronger Together site is there for you and for your employees. Together, we can help fight back against cancer.

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