Helping Employees Engage in Telehealth

Telehealth has become an increasingly large part of the health care landscape, and for good reason. Telehealth services offer 24/7 access to a doctor or therapist on the phone or through video chat and provides the flexibility and convenience you may need.

Although telehealth offers a number of advantages, you may feel cautious. Telehealth does not replace a primary care provider, and having face-to-face appointments with a doctor is important for maintaining your long-term health goals and managing chronic conditions. Minor illness, after-hours questions or care needs, or events preventing you from going to your doctor’s physical location are good fits for telehealth, as are the examples below:

  • If you or family members are sick and aren’t able to schedule an appointment with your doctor, a telemedicine doctor can discuss your symptoms with you and ask additional questions to help diagnose the illness.

  • If you’re unable to reach your doctor to refill a prescription, an online appointment gives you a convenient path to your needed medicine.

  • If you’re feeling particularly stressed, anxious or are otherwise in need of psychological or psychiatric assistance, you can find support.

Communicating the Value to Your Employees

You can help communicate the value of telehealth to your employees. Remind your employees about their telehealth options by:

  1. Scheduling virtual info sessions to explore the cost savings and convenience of virtual visits.

  2. Communicating through email, your company intranet site, and postcards mailed to your employee’s homes.

  3. Communicating seasonally — emphasize telehealth offerings during flu or allergy season.

  4. Reinforcing the professional expertise and credentials of the telehealth practitioners.

  5. Making sure your employees understand when not to use telehealth, such as for emergencies, injuries or suspected chronic illnesses.

This is telemedicine’s chance to shine — help your employees take advantage of the affordability, flexibility and convenience that comes with it.

This article, originally published on The Benefits Guide April 22, 2019, has been updated to reflect the current circumstances faced by our audience during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

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