Help Reduce Employee Stress By Encouraging These 5 Yoga Moves

It’s fair to say many of us could be feeling stressed and anxious lately. With more employees working from home, they may be struggling with unexpected challenges. You can help by encouraging your employees to take periodic short breaks and add some easy yoga moves into their day. Yoga has great benefits, like lowering blood pressure, improving fitness and even managing depression, pain, anxiety and insomnia.

Here are five easy poses to share with your employees that can help boost their mental and physical health. They can all be done right from any chair in their house:*

  1. Neck circles are a great way to soften and loosen neck muscles and improve breathing. You can do this by imagining a clock right in front you, then circling your nose around the clock. Circle in one direction and then reverse.

  1. Shoulder rolls can help soften and loosen the shoulder area. It keeps the shoulder joints moving smoothly and releases tension. First, make sure your back is off the chair. Then, draw circles with your elbows in both directions.

  1. Seated side bend focuses on flexibility by stretching the neck, shoulders, back and abdomen. Make sure your back is off the chair. Sit tall and place one hand firmly into the cushion of the chair for stability. Now, lift the opposite arm up and over. Then, do the other side.

  1. Seated child pose helps release tension in the lower back and relaxes the nervous system. To begin, sit tall and lean forward resting your forearms on your thighs. Then, inhale deeply and exhale a complete three to five breaths.

  1. Knee to chest pose helps release tension in the back and hip. The gentle squeezing action also helps the digestive system. To begin, sit up straight, firmly in your chair with your feet pressing into the floor for stability. Then, lift both hands under your right knee up to your chest. Next, lift your left knee up to your chest.

Even if it’s not possible to practice these poses during a busy work day, encourage employees to take time and sit for a few minutes and just breathe. In times like these, focusing on their breath can relax their body and quiet their mind, which may be exactly what they need to help them get through any added stress they may be experiencing.

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