Employees are the primary resources that help drive your business, so it is crucial to address work-related stress issues. Focusing on improving the work-life balance of your employees will help them reduce stress and avoid burnout. Improving employee morale will also help you receive benefits over the long term:

  1. Higher staff retention rate: By offering employees a way to maintain personal interests and time with family, you can improve job satisfaction and commitment levels. According to HR Executive, the result is a higher employee retention rate, which in turn will save you money in the long run.
  2. Increased productivity: By allowing employees to enjoy a better work-life balance, you can help them reduce stress levels and avoid family conflicts. This cultivates a healthy work culture, resulting in increased motivation and productivity with employees able to be more committed to their work.
  3. Better company reputation: Over time, your company’s reputation will improve as a result of its initiative to improve work-life balance for employees. In turn, it will can attract a bigger pool of talent, which gives your company a competitive edge, according to HC Online.
  4. Cost savings: Business expenses will be reduced when there is less of a need to recruit replacement staff and provide them with training.

There are certain ways to promote a healthy work-life balance without sacrificing productivity. Depending on your situation, one or all of these methods may be appropriate for your company.

Flexible Work Time

Flexible work programs can have various structures. Some employees work extra hours each day but get an additional day off every other week. Another option is to allow employees to shift their schedules earlier or later to allow for difficult commutes or family obligations.


Working from home is one way to encourage employees to spend more time with the family, and modern technology makes it easier for employees to communicate with colleagues in real time. According to Forbes, many companies with telecommuting workers see an increase in productivity because the stress, time and expense of commuting to and from work is eliminated.

Timeout Policy

Studies cited in Business Insider have shown that productivity often diminishes when longer working hours are put in. Long hours reduce concentration rate and increase the chances of people making work-related errors. Discourage employees from staying late, working into the night or working weekends. By minimizing overtime work, productivity levels will be maintained.

Family-Bonding Initiatives

Organizing company-sponsored family-oriented activities every few months, such as sports activities or excursions to amusement parks, is a good way to encourage employees to strike a better work-life balance. These types of activities also promote community and team spirit.

Striking work-life balance can be a win-win situation for employees and employers alike. You are more likely to see improved motivation and loyalty among your employees as their well-being improves and work-related conflicts decrease. Your company can reap long-term benefits associated with reduced costs, increased productivity and higher profitability.

Emmie Sahlan has a graduate degree in English and has been writing professionally for the past five years. Her niche areas are insurance, credit cards, personal finance and education.