Emmie Sahlan

Getting a Physical Is Essential for Staff Well-being

Getting a physical shouldn’t be taken lightly, as it can identify health problems early before they become serious to the point employees have to take time off. On a wider perspective, workplace absenteeism costs companies money and affects employees’ morale.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) explained that losses associated with absenteeism cost employers $225.8 billion annually in the U.S., which equates to $1,685 per employee. As the employer, you can curb the spiraling health care costs by making wellness culture a priority in the workplace.


Health checks promote employees’ reassessment of their lifestyle habits through an adjustment of their dietary choices and lifestyle habits. For example, blood pressure and cholesterol screening identifies heart disease risks. If detected early, this risk can be curbed through a change in diet, lifestyle habits and medication.

Employees who go for a physical and take measures to alleviate their health issues have better chances of increased life expectancy as their health improves. In addition, they tend to demonstrate improved workplace productivity and better morale.

Over time, there will be reduced sickness absence levels, a decrease in turnover of staff, improved productivity and greater staff satisfaction.

Spread the Message

Remind your staff of the benefits of getting a physical through the use of posters displayed around the office. You can also schedule informational meetings to spread the importance of health check-ups and flu vaccinations, especially in the fall.

Tie-in Campaigns With Seasonal Trends

Conduct your health check campaigns with seasonal trends. For example, the fall is an appropriate season to send flu shot reminders while initiating heath checks and screenings. Sending information at the start of the year would be perfect as a way to get employees to feel motivated and set New Year’s resolutions.

Include To-do Lists

The Daily Life Science Blog explained how Russian psychologist Bluma Zeigarnik conducted an experiment to show that completing an item on a list and ticking it off helps us fully concentrate on undertaking new tasks without dwelling on unfinished business. Provide small gifts, such as fridge magnets that display to-do lists of preventive screenings and health checks, so that employees can commit themselves to checking off each one of them. This helps them feel a sense of accomplishment in personal health care.

Use “Call to Action” Strategy

Why not use the concept of scarcity to promote annual physicals within a limited time frame? Encourage employees to act early to snatch a preferred appointment date.

Your time and effort in promoting the health and well-being of your staff will reap benefits over time. You’ll see a reduction in health care costs through increased workforce productivity and reduced absenteeism. Most importantly, your staff will be happier working in your organization, as their health improves and their morale is enhanced, promoting a reputable work culture.

Emmie Sahlan has a graduate degree in English and has been writing professionally for the past five years. Her niche areas are insurance, credit cards, personal finance and education.