Quiz result

Congratulations! You are a: Planner

The Go-Getter is ready to go out and lead the charge for change. This is someone who wants to find fun/interesting and cost effective ways to update their health plan. They’re ready to update, while keeping their health plan in tune with their corporate values, but don’t want to break the bank.

The Planner is all about the Benjamins. He just wants to make sure that his company is spending their money wisely. He’s willing to change, but only if it helps the bottom-line.

The Refiner is all about tweaking his plan just enough to save a little more. He doesn’t want much change, just anything that makes his life easier and cheaper.

The Advocator champions his company. He doesn’t think anything needs to change, and wants to keep what his company has, because he thinks everything is great as is.

The Trend Setter wants to change his company’s plan. He doesn’t care about cost, and just wants to start a new initiative that can get his workers healthy.

The Collaborator wants to make sure everyone is on board with their choice before something gets done. They want to make sure any change is well-received by the rest of the company.

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