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How to Find a Doctor in Your Provider Network

Helping your employees find a doctor isn’t a daunting task with the advent of technology. However, the tools available can be challenging for employees who aren’t so technology savvy. In your employees’ attempts to find a doctor, there’s much to consider. Are the doctor’s credentials important to them? Do they consider patient reviews important? Would location be a defining factor? Would they want the flexibility of phone consultation?

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, about 6 million Americans look for health information on the internet on a daily basis. Adding to this, Bright Local explained that 84 percent of people have confidence in online reviews.

In this regard, many Americans are embracing the use of health apps to find a doctor because they’re convenient, reliable and provide substantial solutions.

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Find a Doctor via Technology

These days, cell phone apps offer features that help employees find a physician within your company’s insurance network. Such features include patient reviews and an appointment booking system. There are apps that go the extra mile by providing information on doctors’ backgrounds, such as years of experience, peer referrals, patient feedback and medical school ranking. This way, users can narrow down searches and decide which physician best fits their medical needs.

Since convenience is highly-prized in today’s fast-paced society, other apps allow users to consult a doctor and get a medical prescription through video chat within the comfort of the home — for a fee.

Provide Essential Information

Leverage technology to educate your employees on how to find the right doctor for themselves or dependents on their health plans. The intranet is an ideal platform to distribute essential information in the form of an e-brochure or a company blog.

Since employees may need to choose from a list of doctors on their insurance plan network, get a list of local doctors from your insurance company. Also, find out if the list of doctors are available on your insurer’s website. Teach your employees how to navigate it by either conducting a seminar or providing a visual explanation. Remember it’s important that employees pick a doctor who is in their network (not just a doctor who accepts your insurance) to get the best discounts and the highest likelihood that the insurer will cover costs.

In addition, you can get your human resources team to design a flow chart on how to use a list of recommended apps.

Mutual Benefit

On a final note, it’s essential that your employees know which doctors have the appropriate experience and in-depth knowledge of their condition so they can provide options for treatment and deliver the best outcomes.

Undeniably, smartphone apps made available from health insurers harness a wealth of big data. Medical claims and other crucial information encourage employees to be informed medical care shoppers. By educating your employees on how to find a physician, they obtain better health care, and your business saves on health care costs in the long run.

Emmie Sahlan has a graduate degree in English and has been writing professionally for the past five years. Her niche areas are insurance, credit cards, personal finance and education.

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