Encouraging Employees to Seek Preventive Care

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TLDR Summary: The coronavirus pandemic has many people putting off preventive care visits. Help your employees understand that while precaution is necessary, it is important to not put their health on hold.

Encouraging Employees to Seek Preventive Care

2020 has shown us human resiliency in action. Workplaces have transitioned to home offices. Groceries and supplies are being ordered online. Families have found new ways to connect and socialize.

One major challenge, though, has been accessing healthcare. Many people have avoided the doctor’s office out of safety concerns – often putting off important preventive care. Health issues requiring care are now weighed against the risks of exposure.

Help your employees understand that while precaution is necessary, it is critical to not put their health on hold.

Do not skip routine exams and checkups

Yearly checkups can prevent small health issues from becoming larger ones. Even simple screenings like blood pressure numbers are meaningful. Addressing high blood pressure early could prevent a stroke, aneurysm, or heart attack.

Conditions like kidney disease or cancer increase the risk of severe illness from COVID-19. Anyone with these medical issues should continue regular care and monitoring.

Other routine screenings should not be postponed, including:

  • Eye exams
  • Colonoscopies
  • Cancer screenings
  • Women’s health exams

Doctor’s offices have special procedures to keep facilities clean and safe.

Stay up to date on vaccinations

Routine checkups are also important because employees often get vaccines then. Vaccines are a top priority, especially for anyone with a health condition. You can remind employees to get their flu shots early. You could even provide a list of participating pharmacies in their area. Employees over 50 might also ask about getting the shingles vaccine.

Use telehealth when appropriate

Telemedicine is also an option for some preventive care services. In other cases, employees can use a combination of telehealth and in-person care. Telehealth providers can also address:

  • Skin conditions
  • Cold symptoms
  • Prescription refills
  • Mental healthcare

Help communicate the value of telehealth services to your employees. Telehealth is often included in an employee’s health plan. But many may not be aware of their coverage options. It is important to ensure everyone understands the preventive services they can access both online and in person. Letting them know how to locate a list of in-network doctors is a good idea, too. The Anthem Sydney app can help find doctors.

It is more important than ever for employees to stay well during the current pandemic. Encourage your workplace to maintain good habits and take proactive measures to remain healthy.

Do not skip routine exams and checkups, Stay up to date on vaccinations, Use telehealth when appropriate

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