Digital Health Care Transforms Employee Wellness

Digital health care is a great way keep your employees fit and happy. But how do you keep up with the latest trends? As the digital age becomes more ingrained with daily living, businesses must continually update their practices. It’s best to be on the leading edge rather than playing catch-up later. Here are some cost-effective ways to stay up-to-date on digital health care.


When you’re choosing a health care plan for your employees, look for one that offers a telemedicine option where you can talk to a doctor or nurse via online chat, phone or video. This is great for minor questions and reduces wait times. Some businesses go one step further and offer telemedicine kiosks, Fortune reported. Here, a doctor can digitally take your temperature, blood pressure and other vital signs and order prescription medications. Your business may not be able to afford a kiosk, but you can still make digital visits easier for your staff. Depending on your budget, you can offer anything from telemedicine through your insurance to an app that you pay for to an in-house kiosk.

Wellness Wearables

Wearables are a big digital health trend. These include health trackers, which can monitor heart rate, track total steps and record sleep patterns. There are also specialty wearables that share data with your doctor or use your data to suggest measures to make your lifestyle healthier, Daily Dot explained. If you want to take the digital push one step further, try integrating wearables or an app into a wellness program at work. For example, perhaps you’re having a contest where the staff member who takes the most steps every month gets a gift card. You can track steps using fitness wearables. Take it one step further and buy a fitness wearable for every staff member. The investment will likely pay off in the long run when your staff is healthier and happier.

Simple Online Tools

Digital health care doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. One simple way to stay on track with the digital age is just to make sure all your employees know how to use every online and digital feature already offered by their health care plan. This can include showing them how to make a digital “passport” of their health care card that they can keep on their smartphone. Or show them features like checking in with their health plan online to see what kind of discounts are offered. Even making appointments with physicians online can be part of staying updated with the digital age. Your health care agent can help you put this information together.

Digital health care is the future of medicine, and you’ll be on the cutting edge if your company keeps up. Just remember: you don’t have to invest a fortune to stay modern. Even just making sure your employees take advantage of the digital options offered by their health plans can keep you miles ahead of other small businesses.

Stephanie Dwilson has extensive experience providing expertise on topics including health, law and marketing. She’s a science journalist published by Fox News, a marketing expert and a non-practicing attorney with experience in personal injury law. She’s also a small business expert featured by Businessweek and has worked as a PR lead for one of the largest churches in America.

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