Create the Perfect Wellness Program With These 4 Steps

Every small business has different needs, so when you’re crafting a wellness program for your business, make the perfect one for your employees’ needs. Use tools to figure out what your employees are looking for to make a program that works.

Anthem provides a guide to help you build a worksite wellness program that can help you craft what you need. Here are the four steps you can go through:

1. Do You Know Your Employees?

Do you have more millennials or baby boomers in your office? Is everybody single and childless or are there many parents? If your office is small, you probably have a pretty good handle on what their needs are, but even so, people often have hidden needs that you need to ask about. You can send out a survey or just ask people how a wellness program could help them.

2. What’s Your Budget?

Budgets are the lifeblood of any business. You can use Anthem’s free online resources or figure out a plan that fits your budget and your employees’ budgets. Remember, wellness programs can often save employees money on their health care, so factor that in.

3. Where’s Your Focus?

If this is your first year of a wellness program, focus on education. If you’ve had programs up and running, you’ll probably want to be focused more on specific measurable goals. Use the SMART goals criteria: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-based. For example, if you want to increase fitness goals, saying you want everyone to run a marathon by year’s end doesn’t make much sense. Looking at improvements over a six-week period is a more manageable idea.

Your programs must be compliant with all laws, such as the Americans with Disabilities Act. Additionally, don’t make your wellness program more of a focus than running your business. Employees need to be judged on their workplace performance, not their wellness program compliance.

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4. How’s Your Progress?

If you’ve made SMART goals, you can see how things are going and tweak the program for the next year if it’s not effective. If it’s effective and people enjoy it, you can keep things as is or change it to make it more of a stretch program for yourself and your employees.

Wellness programs can help lower your costs and keep your employees healthy. Creating the right program for your business can be worth the time and investment.

Suzanne Lucas spent 10 years in corporate human resources, where she interviewed and hired employees, managed the numbers and double-checked with the lawyers. Her writings have appeared in Inc. Magazine, CBS MoneyWatch, US News, Readers Digest and other publications. She focuses on helping businesses nurture great employees and helping employees enjoy great careers.

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