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Telemedicine Benefits

4 Ways Telemedicine Is Improving Access to Care

Thanks to improvements in telemedicine technology, it's easier than ever for patients to receive medical advice without…

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Value-Based Care eBook

Read our new eBook to better understand value-based care and its future impact on…

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Value-Based Care

These stats will show you how value-based care reduces costs and improves patient…

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Group of doctors representing high-performance network

Defining High-Performance Networks

If you were hiring a new employee, how would you identify a high-performing candidate during the interview process? Would…

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Evolving Networks

What network solution or combination of solutions is right for your business? Use this guide to gain a high-level…

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Happy patient with doctor

Understanding Price vs. Value in Health Care

As with any big decision or large investment you make, one critical component should be understanding the difference between…

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Women's Health Care

Why You Should Promote Women’s Health Care

The differences between men's and women's health care needs can lead to some uncertainty when choosing health insurance…

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What Is Otolaryngology?

Controlling Costs: Otolaryngology (the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialty)

Otolaryngology is the oldest medical specialty in the United States, according to the American Academy of…

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Comparing ASO Plans

When it comes to comparing self-funded administrative services only — or ASO — plans for your business, figuring out…

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Health Care Myths vs. Facts

There are a lot of myths surrounding health care costs and coverage, but fortunately, we're here to help! Here are some of…

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mail-order pharmacy

How Do Mail-Order Pharmacies and Prescription Delivery Services Work?

A mail-order pharmacy's prescription delivery service can be a true benefit to your employees. But you may need to educate…

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Long-Term Care Insurance Costs

Controlling Costs: Long-Term and Elderly Care

While some businesses have employees who are caring for elderly relatives, many others have workers over the age of 55…

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