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Paying employees who opt out of health insurance

Opting Out of Health Insurance: Employee Compensation in Lieu of Benefits

Should you be paying employees who opt out of health insurance? Many employers are finding such "cash-in-lieu" or "opt-out"…

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Stop Loss Insurance

What Is Stop-Loss Insurance and How Can It Protect Your Business?

Employers who self-fund their employees' health care plans can enjoy real savings. However, they face significant financial…

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health savings acount 2019 limits

How Are HSA Limits Changing in 2019?

For business owners, it's important to stay informed on the latest changes in the health care space, including the new…

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Understanding Health Insurance

Do Your Employees Understand Their Health Insurance?

Everyone knows that they need to take care of their health, but when it comes to truly understanding health insurance, how…

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Insurance Premiums: Where Does Your Dollar Go?

Your company spends a lot on health insurance premiums to support better health for your employees. Have you wondered how…

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Newborn Health Care

Newborn Health Care Costs

Newborn health care costs can be steep and unpredictable. While many first-time parents assume that most — if not all —…

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Disability Insurance – An Important Tool for Financial Wellness

Having an injury or illness that leads to needing even a short-term disability leave can be stressful for your employees.…

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How Pharmacy Benefits Support Employees’ Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Once a topic seldom discussed, employers are now recognizing the importance of…

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Nurse Hotline

Why You Should Take Advantage of Your Health Plan’s Nurse Hotline

There's a certain service that's likely already included in your health plan. It could boost productivity and make health…

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Hospital Readmissions Rates

4 Ways To Reduce Hospital Readmissions

High hospital readmission rates cost the American health care system a fortune. And they're a financial burden to your…

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The 4 Biggest Digital Health Care Innovations of 2018

Digital health care is growing at an unprecedented rate. A record $3.5 billion was invested in 188 digital health care deals…

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Children's Health Care

Controlling Costs: Children’s Health Care

In 2013, children's health care spending amounted to $233.5 billion, according to JAMA Pediatrics. As an employer, you…

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