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How to Fully Utilize Your Company’s Health Plan

Happy, healthy employees are essential to every company's success, which is why it's important to provide your staff with a…

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Learn How to Manage the Costs of Specialty Drugs

The use of specialty drugs continues to grow in the United States. As more specialty drugs are developed, it's time for your…

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A woman talks to a pharmacist.

Rare Disease Drug Therapy Adds to Out-of-Pocket Costs

Unfortunately, rare diseases, often treated with specialty drugs, can drive up health care costs for patients who don't have…

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A woman wearing glasses as she drinks from a mug.

Choosing a Vision Plan? These are the Key Features to Focus On

Eye doctors are a critical first line of defense for your employees when it comes to the early detection of chronic…

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A couple discusses health care plans while sitting at a table.

High-Deductible Health Care Plans: Are They Right for Your Company?

High-deductible health care plans (HDHPs — also called consumer-driven health plans or CDHPs) that come with a savings…

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Rethinking Specialty Pharmacy Benefits

Specialty pharmacy benefits have become a huge cost for employers. This leaves employers wondering how to continue providing…

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Specialty Pharmacy: Managing Costs and Improving Health Outcomes

Specialty pharmacy drugs have greatly improved the quality of life for millions of people throughout the country. However,…

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A man sits on a table while working on his computer, holding coffee.

What Disability Benefits to Offer (and How to Decide What Your Company Needs)

Providing disability benefits has become more common for companies, as long-term benefits are a great way to attract and…

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Three hands, one old and two young, holding each other.

Elderly Care Benefits to Offer Your Caregiver Employees

There often comes a time when the child and parent caregiver roles flip. You may find yourself responsible for providing…

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The hands of a guy filling out tax forms.

The Affordable Care Act: What’s New for 2017

The end of 2016 will be here sooner than you think — so this is a good time to revisit the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also…

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A group of employees meet together.

Cater Your Specialty Benefits to Meet Staff Demographics

When designing an insurance plan, it's important to carefully consider the specialty benefits you're going to offer your…

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A woman talks to her doctor, who is filling out a form.

Why Are Health Insurance Premiums Rising? A Deep Dive Into Health Care for 2017

With another year almost done, 2017 will see a shift in health care. Among those changes will be a rise in premiums.…

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