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Health care professional gives a thumbs-up.

What Health Plan Star Ratings Mean for Employers

Health plan star ratings are debuting in the health insurance exchanges nationwide this fall. Similar to the existing star…

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close up of an eye

Tips from a Vision Benefits Pro: 2020 Vision Benefits Outlook

With 90% of employers offering vision coverage1, it is increasingly considered a "must have" benefit2 -- even if it's…

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Naval officers saluting.

Learning From the Navy’s Value-Based Care Implementation

Value-based care implementation is a top priority for today's health care organizations, but many are unsure of how to…

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Baby Boomer jogging.

Baby Boomers and Health Care: How Value-Based Care Can Help

Baby boomers and health care are two subjects that should be on every employer's radar. There are roughly 75 million…

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An employee gets the care they need, knowing the cost will be reimbursed.

How Tax-Free Reimbursements Can Help Make Employee Health Affordable

With the cost of health care on the rise, your business may not be able to afford an insurance plan that covers 100% of…

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Employees engaged in a conversation

When Is a Low-Deductible Health Plan the Right Choice for Your Employees?

Open enrollment is fast approaching for many businesses. And while it's a hectic time for employers, the process of choosing…

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A stressed-looking man reads a surprise medical bill on a piece of paper while sitting with his laptop in an office.

How New Proposed Rules About Health Care Pricing Transparency Could Affect Your Small Business

Health care pricing transparency has been an elusive goal for many years, but the federal government appears poised to make…

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A runner stops to check their heart rate with a fitness tracker.

The Right Way to Integrate Wearables Into Your Employee Wellness Program

Wearable health trackers are everywhere, and their popularity only continues to grow. Look around any public space and…

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Colleagues speak to an upset employee as part of their suicide prevention awareness training.

Promoting Suicide Prevention Awareness in the Workplace

Every day at work, people ask their colleagues, "How are you?" They usually know the response before they hear it: "I'm…

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Stressed young female employee reading a surprise medical bill on her laptop.

How to Help Employees Prevent Surprise Medical Bills

The national debate on health care costs has a lot of moving parts. Recently, one element of rising costs — surprise…

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Employee raising hand to ask an open enrollment question

Getting Creative With Your Open Enrollment Communications

Employees consistently rank health insurance among the most important benefits that employers provide. But does that…

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Pharmacist checking drug prescription for a customer

Can Value-Based Pharmacy Services Lower Costs and Drive Outcomes?

As an employer, you're facing unsustainable increases in the costs of prescription drugs. It's a problem that needs solving.…

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