A business owner surveys an employee about her satisfaction with the new HR system.

HR Outsourcing, Part III: Measuring the Success of Your New Relationship

After a thorough search, you've found and onboarded your HR outsourcing partner. Now you can spend more time on your…

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A man shakes an employer's hand after being hired through an employee referral program.

The Benefits of an Employee Referral Program

When you're on the hunt for the best talent, it's tempting to take advantage of one of your largest potential sources of new…

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Three employees look at a computer screen together, smiling

How to Market Employee Benefits as Part of Total Compensation

The end of the year can be a delicate time for employers and HR decision-makers. Employees might expect a pay increase as…

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An empty desk.

How to Use Employee Benefits to Avoid Getting Stood Up by Your Employees

For years, hiring new employees involved a lot of "ghosting." That is, recruiters and hiring managers would interview…

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A group of small business startup employees sit at a table and eat healthy snacks.

A Startup’s Guide to Building a Benefits Package

Employees value their workplace benefits nearly as much as their salaries. A Glassdoor survey found that 57 percent of…

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Business leaders view health analytics on a smart tablet.

How AI Could Optimize Your Health Benefits

Ours is an exciting era. Robots can do brain surgery, and search engines may know you have cancer before you do. But in…

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A baby sits on her father's lap while he looks at papers and works on his laptop.

Support New Parents With These 4 Specialist-Centered Benefits

You've done everything you can to ensure generous parental leave for your employees — but what happens when they come…

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Coworkers discuss new ideas to create a green office on Earth Day.

How to Make Your Office More Green This Earth Day

Every April 22, Earth Day gives people across the country the chance to recognize the importance of protecting our…

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A woman cleans her office.

How Workplace Spring Cleaning Can Turn Your Business Around

People spend almost as much time at work as they do at home — so if spring cleaning is a good idea for a house, it's…

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Tipped over jar on chart with urine strip tests.

Evaluating Drug Testing in the Changing Drug Landscape

The United States criminalized marijuana in 1937 and continues to do so today. But the landscape is changing, especially at…

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A group of millennial employees gather around a laptop during a brainstorm session.

The Future of Millennial Health Care: What Employers Need to Know

If you're like many employers, millennials make up a sizeable portion of your workforce. Overall, the generation born…

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Three employees discuss their health insurance requirements.

The Health Insurance Buying Process, Part 3: Building Requirements

Making any sort of business investment means entering into what can be an intimidatingly complex process — and the health…

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