A stressed-looking man reads a surprise medical bill on a piece of paper while sitting with his laptop in an office.

How New Proposed Rules About Health Care Pricing Transparency Could Affect Your Small Business

Health care pricing transparency has been an elusive goal for many years, but the federal government appears poised to make…

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A runner stops to check their heart rate with a fitness tracker.

The Right Way to Integrate Wearables Into Your Employee Wellness Program

Wearable health trackers are everywhere, and their popularity only continues to grow. Look around any public space and…

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Young businesswoman reading employee training manual in coffee shop with laptop.

Why You Should Consider Creating an Employee Training Manual

Ask anyone who's tried to assemble furniture without reading the directions first: It's worth taking a peek at the manual…

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Woman browsing a company career page on her phone while sitting with a laptop.

Must-Haves to Make Your Small Business’s Career Page Stand Out

In today's tight labor market, business owners need to consider every strategy they can to attract employees. A top-notch…

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A young smiling employee works on a laptop.

What to Consider When Hiring New Graduates at Your Small Business

Hiring new graduates is a great way to get talented and enthusiastic entry-level employees on board. However, those fresh…

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A man and woman running a side gig.

Part-Time Side Hustles: Creating a Second Job Policy

We live in an economy of gigs and part-time side hustles: More than 44 million Americans have some form of income outside of…

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A hiring manager interviews a candidate.

How to Communicate to Elevate Your Hiring Process

Talent is the lifeblood of a business. As finding and attracting the best candidates becomes increasingly competitive, a…

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Businessman holding coffee and looking at smartphone.

3 Tools to Help You Automate in Your Small Business

Running a small business is a battle to do more with less — especially as you try to match the performance of companies…

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Young team collaborates over a laptop during an office brainstorm.

3 Employee Benefit Trends You Can Expect to See in 2020

The year 2020 could be a banner year of change for businesses, and not just because it's a nice, round number. For one,…

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An employee takes off her glasses and rubs her eyes.

Running a Small Business When You’re Out Sick

When you're running a small business, you tend to put some serious thought into planning what you'll do if one of your…

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Parental Leave Is Changing. Are You Keeping Up?

Over the past decade or so, many cultural (and even bipartisan political) efforts have gone toward making parental leave a…

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Two smiling machinery employees assess a factory for a safe work environment.

Securing Your Business Series, Part 3: Your Employees

It can be a dangerous world out there for a small business without a plan for keeping your business secure. Earlier parts of…

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