A business owner checks in on his latest technology upgrade.

When to Invest in Some New Tech for Your Business

Technology never stops improving, with the result that no matter how hard you try, there will always be another upgrade out…

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Business leader consults with IT professional about small business technology.

Future-Proofing Your Business: What Leaders Should Know

Sometimes, buzzwords just seem to stick in the business lexicon. "Future-proofing" — the concept of safeguarding a…

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Female soldier working with laptop at a desk in an office.

The Benefits of Hiring Veterans in the Workplace

Historically, jobs for veterans have been limited. It's not for lack of available talent — today, roughly 18.5 million…

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An office worker counts out money on a desk after requesting payroll advances.

Should You Offer Payroll Advances?

Most businesses pay employees bimonthly or monthly. However, payroll advances give employees more control over when they can…

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An outstretched hand accepts an envelope from a manager across a desk.

Would Pay Transparency Improve Your Workforce’s Productivity?

Do your employees know how much their coworkers make? Do they know how much you make as their employer? Most likely, the…

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A manager conducts a stay interview with two employees.

How to Hold an Effective Stay Interview

In a stay interview, managers invite current employees to talk — but they don't run like a typical meeting. Instead,…

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Group of male and female doctors reading patient documents

Mitigating the Coming Provider Shortage

Health care isn't immune to the laws of supply and demand, and that could pose a problem for patients, provider…

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Young businesswoman waters plants in an office.

How to Choose Company Values That Make a Difference

When small businesses seek to rise above the competition, often it's what the company embodies — rather than just the…

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A young professional woman rests her head in her hand at work.

How to Report Domestic Abuse in the Workplace

Employers can only know so much about what their employees get up to outside of work. As an employer, it can be difficult to…

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Doctors, nurses and paramedics pushing gurney with patient

Value vs. Volume: Where Does Your Emergency Department Fall?

Pay-for-performance in health care and other value-based approaches can solve many of the challenges facing emergency…

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Office worker completing employee education on laptop.

4 Smart Ways to Start Investing In Employee Education

You probably spend a fair amount of time thinking about what investments are worth making in your business. Don't overlook…

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Cars and a biker on snowy roads.

Time for a Snow Day? When to Close the Office Because of Weather

When you turn on the news or open your favorite weather app and see a severe weather forecast, as an employer, how do you…

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