Employee Benefits

Is Your Business Ready for the Next Decade of Employee Benefits?

As we look to the coming decade, employers will need to continue to evolve their benefit solutions. This last decade of…

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Group of employees gathered together for workplace sensitivity training.

Should You Implement Workplace Sensitivity Training?

When things get tense, good manners are more important than ever. But what if your employees don't have a good sense of when…

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Coworkers laughing together and eating pizza.

Conducting Personality Tests for Team-Building in the Workplace

For many years, HR decison-makers and management teams have used personality tests for team-building. Now, prehire…

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A group of employees, one in a wheelchair, planning a strategy for their workplace wellness program

5 Tips for Accommodating Employees With Disabilities in Your Wellness Program

More than 9 million workers in the United States have at least one disability. The disability may be visible, such as an…

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Cup of tea with a marijuana leaf floating inside

Answering 5 Common Employer Questions About Medical Marijuana at Work

Across the country, marijuana is changing in the eyes of the public and the law — leaving employers to address the issue…

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Professionals drink together during a happy hour as part of their employee benefits.

3 Employee Benefits That Could Backfire

From dry-cleaning services to dog-walking perks, employee benefits are only getting more eye-catching. Offering a wide…

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Employees engaged in a conversation

When Is a Low-Deductible Health Plan the Right Choice for Your Employees?

Open enrollment is fast approaching for many businesses. And while it's a hectic time for employers, the process of choosing…

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A runner stops to check their heart rate with a fitness tracker.

The Right Way to Integrate Wearables Into Your Employee Wellness Program

Wearable health trackers are everywhere, and their popularity only continues to grow. Look around any public space and…

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Colleagues speak to an upset employee as part of their suicide prevention awareness training.

Promoting Suicide Prevention Awareness in the Workplace

Every day at work, people ask their colleagues, "How are you?" They usually know the response before they hear it: "I'm…

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A woman sitting on a couch with a cast on her leg, reviewing her medical expenses

4 Ways to Help Your Employees Take Control of Medical Debt

Chances are, at least some of your employees struggle to pay their medical expenses. In fact, 41% of the workforce has…

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Psychologist filling in a patient's card.

How to Address Barriers to Mental Health Care in Your Workplace

Employees don't leave their mental health struggles at the door when they arrive at work. Although not always obvious to…

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Young team collaborates over a laptop during an office brainstorm.

3 Employee Benefit Trends You Can Expect to See in 2020

The year 2020 could be a banner year of change for businesses, and not just because it's a nice, round number. For one,…

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