If your employees bike to work, they'll save money and get some exercise at the same time.

Pedal to Health: Get the Wheels Turning on Bike Riding to the Office

Driving to work is stressful, expensive and a waste of valuable time. What if your employees biked instead? Biking to work…

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health risks

Common Health Risks for Employees in Their 30s

It's a disturbing reality that many people in their 30s are unaware of common health risks to avoid. This is the age when…

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Books Worth Reading for Greater Wellness

4 Books to Create a Healthy Workplace

There are many benefits to improving the health of an office, however, it doesn't happen overnight. You may wonder how to…

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An active lifestyle and periodic doctor visits can help with preventative care.

Preventive Care: Encourage Proactive Employee Health

Preventive care is often an afterthought in our fast-paced culture. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control…

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Changing your company culture

Change Company Culture to Support Workplace Wellness

Promoting wellness as part of your company culture can be tricky unless you approach the changes carefully. Going from…

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health apps

How Health Apps Help Workers Better Manage Wellness

According to a report from the IMS Institute, there are currently 165,000 health apps on Apple's iOS and Google's Android…

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Digital Health Coaching Plans

How Employees Benefit from Digital Health Coaching Plans

Digital health coaching plans are personalized, online coaching tools that help your employees make better lifestyle choices…

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Woman having chemotherapy

Free Cancer Resources for Employers and Individuals

According to the American Cancer Society, approximately one-third of all women and one-half of men in the United States will…

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Showing employees how to lower stress

How to Lower Stress Among Employees

Stress can impact your employees, both at work and at home. Learning how to lower stress effectively can increase employee…

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Woman deciding between options for a healthy or unhealthy snack.

5 Tips to Resist Unhealthy Snacks in the Workplace

Is your workplace the kind that celebrates everyone's birthday with catered cupcakes? Is there an employee who insists on…

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Young man working

8 Steps to Avoid Eye Strain and Eye Fatigue

With more workers depending on computers and mobile devices to do their jobs, many professionals spend a substantial amount…

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A group of women wearing pink for a breast cancer walk.

Reproductive Cancer Screening Conversations in the Workplace

Patients frequently overlook the value of a reproductive cancer screening. Even though such exams are vital, many people…

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