Building a Beneficial Corporate Wellness Offering

Employee wellness programs are gaining in popularity across small and large companies, but many employers still wonder if they’re worth the investment. You can create a robust corporate wellness offering on any budget, as long as it’s focused to meet the needs and interests of your employees. As medical expenses continue to rise, finding ways to address chronic illnesses and keep employees healthy has the potential to save billions of dollars every year. Not to mention, creating a culture of wellness in your workplace leads to more satisfied, more productive employees who view their workplace favorably. This infographic reviews the top benefits of investing in employee health and tips to create a program that realizes those benefits.

Infographic illustrating ways to build a wellness culture

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Building a Beneficial Corporate Wellness Offering

Investing in Employee Health

Employee wellness programs reduce medical cost and productivity losses.

  • 46% of small business have some form of corporate wellness offering.1
  • For every $1 invested, employers save $1 to $3.2

Program benefits

Employees who engage in the workplace program provide returns to employers.

  • Happier at work: 89% of employees with a wellness program view their workplace positively.3
  • Healthier: 61% made healthier choices because of workplace wellness.3
  • More productive: Physically active employees miss four fewer work days.4
  • Less expensive: Participating employees have 25% lower expenditures.4
  • Loyal: 80%+ of engaged employees intend to stay.5

Reaping the Benefits

Focus on offerings that provide the most return.

Chronic Disease Management – $3.80 return for every $1 invested in disease management efforts.2

  • Smoking Cessation4
  • Stress Management4
  • Physical Activity
  • Nutrition
  • Disease Prevention

How To Build A Wellness Program

An effective program offers a way for everyone to get involved.

  • Incentivized
  • Personalized6
  • Accessible
  • Convenient



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