Allison Hutton

Beyond the Numbers: What’s Really Important in Your Company’s Health Plan

As a small business owner, analyzing your health plan options may seem like a daunting task. Often, insurance brokers will provide a standard spreadsheet, noting what price points apply to specific plans or benefits, but that may not provide you with a full picture. While spreadsheets and checklists can provide an overall view of benefits and available a la carte options, they may not give an accurate overview of the costs and availability of various benefits.

Prior to choosing health plan options for your employees, discover what benefits are most important to your workforce. While massage therapy may sound like an enticing option for a benefit package, you may find a significantly higher percentage of your employees would appreciate — and actually use — a benefit that aids an employee’s entire family or dependents.


Navigating an Uncertain Health Care Climate

While small business owners want to attract and retain top quality employees through perks such as benefit plans, current uncertainty in the laws governing health care in America remains a concern. In fact, according to the Gallup Shared Well-Being Index, the number of American adults without health insurance increased to 11.7 percent during the second quarter of 2017. Therefore, when making the best selection for health care options for your company, a generic spreadsheet may not provide an overview of your choices without further research. Work one-on-one with your broker to ensure you have the most up-to-date information available, as health care laws and options change.

Working With Your Broker

Reach out to your health care broker with a detailed list of comfortable costs for your organization and employees. Discuss how you can bring the best selection of health care options to your employees. Pulling from your employee survey, present what’s most important in terms of benefits to your broker. Remember that your insurance broker is working to find you the best options available to your employees at a cost everyone can afford.

According to, the continuing trend of employer-based coverage will provide the majority of health care coverage for employees. Therefore, it’s important the employers take care in involving employees, as well as insurance brokers, in the process of choosing the best available options for the organization.

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