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Man inhaling asthma medication outside in winter.

Improving Health Care for Vulnerable Patients

The country's most vulnerable patients often fail to obtain the care they need, but it doesn't have to be that way. Ensuring…

Group of male and female doctors reading patient documents

Mitigating the Coming Provider Shortage

Health care isn't immune to the laws of supply and demand, and that could pose a problem for patients, provider…

Doctors, nurses and paramedics pushing gurney with patient

Value vs. Volume: Where Does Your Emergency Department Fall?

Pay-for-performance in health care and other value-based approaches can solve many of the challenges facing emergency…

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A multidisciplinary, multi-ethnic group of health workers.

How Diversity in Health Care Can Improve Care and Control Costs

When your employees visit the doctor, chances are they encounter an array of skilled care team members representing…

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Pharmacist checking drug prescription for a customer

Can Value-Based Pharmacy Services Lower Costs and Drive Outcomes?

As an employer, you're facing unsustainable increases in the costs of prescription drugs. It's a problem that needs solving.…

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Professional psychologist speaking with male patient about value-based care

Streamlining Health Care: Losing Waste, Gaining Value

Streamlining health care cannot come soon enough. Too much money is spent or wasted on unnecessary tests and treatments for…

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Female doctor smiling with a little boy patient

The Benefits of Value-Based Care — and How It Changes the Game

Do you ever wonder why you've been hearing so much about the benefits of value-based care lately? It's not really new; it…

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A man sitting on a grassy lawn taps the screen on his smart watch.

How Wearables in Health Care Support Value-Based Care Adoption

The conversation about wearables in health care is no longer limited to activity trackers. Consumers and health care…

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Home health worker gives man an injection in his arm

Upskilling Heath Care Workers in a Value-Based Care Model

As value-based approaches to care have gained traction, health care staffing has become more efficient. In the last few…

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Doctor with patient in office

Breaking Down 3 Myths About Value-Based Care

How much do you know about value-based care? Even informed people sometimes carry health care misconceptions about…

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Doctor discussing lab results with patient

Value-Based Care Tech, Part 2: Patient Interfaces

Without patient engagement and the right technology, value-based care will stall. With engagement and the right technology,…

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How Value-Based Care Promotes Preventive Care

As an employer, you have a choice: You can focus on sickness management, or you can focus on prevention. The…

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