Help employees track fitness, nutrition, sleep and more with these top five apps.

5 Health Apps to Boost Workplace Wellness

Tap the health category of any smartphone's app store and you'll find options galore to keep the mind and body in tiptop…

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How can your employees tease out the truth from online health resources? Encourage responsible Googling with these tips.

Should Your Employees Use Social Media for Health Advice?

When they feel unwell, your employees are likely checking social media for health care advice before scheduling an…

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What You Need to Know About At-Home Genetic Tests

What You Need to Know About At-Home Genetic Tests

On its surface, the idea of at-home genetic testing seems hard to resist: You order the test, get a box shipped to your door…

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Eating Disorder Therapy

Are Your Employees Covered for Eating Disorder Rehab?

Note: This is the third installment in an ongoing series about rehabilitation programs. Read our previous articles about…

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Health Care Analytics

Unlock Cost Savings With Predictive Benefits Data

When it comes to health care analytics, many industries have only begun to scratch the surface. The sheer volume and depth…

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How to Stop Smoking

Why Health Groups Are Fighting the FDA Over “E-Cigs”

The battle over electronic cigarettes has been raging for years around these central questions: Are they safe? Can they…

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Nurse Hotline

Why You Should Take Advantage of Your Health Plan’s Nurse Hotline

There's a certain service that's likely already included in your health plan. It could boost productivity and make health…

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Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

The Employer’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Health Care

Do the words "artificial intelligence" make you think of science fiction and machines gone rogue? In reality, smart tech…

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