Low-Income Health Insurance

Supporting the Health of Employees in Low-Income Areas

As health care costs continue to rise, securing and maintaining affordable health insurance for low-income adults and…

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Accountable Care Organizations

Can Accountable Care Organizations Revolutionize the Health Care System?

In recent years, the steady increase of health care spending has become a top issue for patients, employers and politicians…

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Rural Health Care

Rural Health Care Access and Keeping Your Employees Healthy

For employers with employees in rural areas, access to care is a growing concern. Among a long list of barriers to rural…

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Side effects of bug bites

Just How Worrisome Are Pesky Summer Bugs?

Summer bugs are annoying — but do the side effects of bug bites pose serious health threats, too? In fact, mosquitoes…

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Stop Loss Insurance

What Is Stop-Loss Insurance and How Can It Protect Your Business?

Employers who self-fund their employees' health care plans can enjoy real savings. However, they face significant financial…

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Medical Emergency in the Workplace

Should Your Employees Be Certified in First Aid and CPR?

No one wants to imagine a medical emergency in the workplace, but unfortunately they do happen. Being prepared means more…

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Exit Interview Questions

Want to Improve Your Health Benefits Offerings? Conduct Exit Interviews

When an employee leaves your company, it's natural to want to know why. Did they receive an offer too good to refuse from a…

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Alcohol Rehab

Employee Health Insurance Coverage for Alcohol Rehab

A healthy workplace benefits employers and employees alike. Good health can mean anything from avoiding the common cold to…

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Drug Rehab

Rehab Insurance: Is Drug Rehab a Covered Benefit for Your Employees?

With the opioid crisis escalating, it's important for companies to consider drug rehab and addiction recovery benefits as an…

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Mental Health at Work

Mental Health at Work: Appreciation and Well-Being

Recent findings indicate that an active culture of appreciation can improve mental health at work. According to research…

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Offboarding Checklist

Use an Offboarding Checklist to Reduce Risk

When an employee leaves your company, it's more than a matter of cutting the cord. Successfully offboarding an employee…

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Health and Wellness Trends for 2018

3 Health and Wellness Trends for 2018

The world is never more focused on health and fitness than at the beginning of a new year. For many, the top health and…

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