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Group of employees gathered together for workplace sensitivity training.

Should You Implement Workplace Sensitivity Training?

When things get tense, good manners are more important than ever. But what if your employees don't have a good sense of when…

Coworkers laughing together and eating pizza.

Conducting Personality Tests for Team-Building in the Workplace

For many years, HR decison-makers and management teams have used personality tests for team-building. Now, prehire…

Colleagues speak to an upset employee as part of their suicide prevention awareness training.

Promoting Suicide Prevention Awareness in the Workplace

Every day at work, people ask their colleagues, "How are you?" They usually know the response before they hear it: "I'm…

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Young businesswoman reading employee training manual in coffee shop with laptop.

Why You Should Consider Creating an Employee Training Manual

Ask anyone who's tried to assemble furniture without reading the directions first: It's worth taking a peek at the manual…

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Psychologist filling in a patient's card.

How to Address Barriers to Mental Health Care in Your Workplace

Employees don't leave their mental health struggles at the door when they arrive at work. Although not always obvious to…

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A bored employee playing with sticky notes at their desk while sitting between two other workers.

What to Do When New Hires Underperform

After all the effort of recruiting, interviewing and selecting a new employee, it's understandable to be excited when you…

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Approaching Addiction in the Workplace

The cost of addiction in the workplace goes beyond the personal toll it takes on individual employees. Between absenteeism,…

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Does a Flexible Schedule Make Sense for Your Business?

Has the traditional 9-to-5 become a relic of a quieter, less connected age? The idea's gaining traction — according to the…

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Should You Promote Annual Mental Health Checkups?

We all know that annual checkups are key to preventing serious illness. But if a yearly doctor's visit is good for…

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How to Prepare for Your Business’s First Open Enrollment Period

Offering your workforce health insurance for the first time is an exciting milestone. It's a sign that your business is…

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5 Ways to Reduce Unconscious Bias in the Hiring Process

Despite our best intentions, we all suffer from some level of unconscious bias. Assumptions and stereotypes, picked up…

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Destigmatizing Invisible Illness, Part 3: Chronic Pain

Flu season turns everyone into a detective. One day you walk into the office and sense something's different — you notice…

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