Budgeting for Health Care

Budgeting for Health Care: 4 Tips for Success

Budget season is upon us, and one of the top concerns of any business is budgeting for health care. With health care costs…

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How Health Coverage Changes as Your Company Grows

How Health Coverage Changes as Your Company Grows

Health coverage is a difficult and expensive part of any business. You can't attract good employees without good health…

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health plan monitoring

Engage in Monthly Health Plan Monitoring to Improve Engagement, Costs

When you change your health plan, make sure to engage in health plan monitoring so you learn what works and what doesn't.…

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Creating the Perfect Wellness Program

Create the Perfect Wellness Program With These 4 Steps

Every small business has different needs, so when you're crafting a wellness program for your business, make the perfect one…

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Keep Health Care Costs Down--No Matter What Congress Does

Keep Health Care Costs Down Regardless of Looming Legislation

More than half of small business owners identified health care costs as a "critical issue," according to a report from the…

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managing health care costs

3 Ways to Monitor Your Health Care Costs

Most likely, you started your business because you had a great idea and a desire to succeed. However, you didn't realize how…

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disease management programs

Disease Management Programs in Your Office

Your business is likely focused on something other than health, so why should you implement disease management programs in…

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Use Preventative Benefits

Common Health Risks: How Can You Support Your Employees?

Everything can be going fine at work when suddenly health risks pop up. An employee receives a devastating diagnosis, is…

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Why Office Designs Matter

The Feng Shui of Office Designs

Office designs are often the last thing on a manager's mind. You want the best people doing the best job, but does wall…

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Mental Health issues at work

Handle Mental Health Issues the Right Way

Mental health is an important part of your employees' health, but while we know how to hand out ibuprofen for a headache or…

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A New Hires Welcome Package

Make New Hires Comfortable With a Welcome Package

New hires may be fabulous additions to your staff, but since they don't even know where the bathrooms are, they need a lot…

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Making open enrollment work for your business

5 Ways to Approach Open Enrollment Correctly

Your employees can only change their health insurance once a year during the open enrollment period, unless they have a…

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